CY Kluber

So what are people thoughts that selected him. Not really overly impressed with any of the hitters available at that level so it's down to Fingers or Kluber.

I’ve only heard good things about Kluber. I have him but have only used him for one start. I think he gave up 2 runs over 7 innings which is pretty good for me because I suck at pitching.

A friend of mine said he had heard that Kluber was this year's Kershaw. So, being @ level 79 I wanted to get some thought from people that have used him. Thanks!

He's really good. I beat him in extras, but after 10.2 innings of one-run ball (like 150 pitches).

I agree. I feel like Kluber is this year's Kershaw. His Slurve is filthy, lasts much longer stamina wise than my other 90+ overall pitchers, great control, and 5 pitches. I have no regrets about taking kluber.

For whatever reason I rake against CY Kluber and cant touch LS Kluber though I will say I had moderately good success with CY Kluber....when SDS decides that perfect on the corner isn't down the middle

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