Its Ridiculous The Amount Of Diamond Legends That Can Be Used In A Lineup

Its Ridiculous The Amount Of Diamond Legends They Should Put A Limit Of 2 Per DD Team Not Use The Whole Set Of Legends And Diamonds They Should Make A Limit Make The Teams Competitive But Also Have Control Because It Sucks Playing Against A Loaded Lineup And You Dont Have More Than 2 Diamonds Then Square You Up With 15-0 Players On DD Play....

This Game Has Gotten Out Of Control ..

Obviously I Have Gotten This Game Again This Year Because Im A Baseball Fan And Stupid Because I Said Wasnt Paying For This [censored] Again But Is My Favorite Sport But I Doubt I Will Spend $79 Again Next Year To Complaint For The First 5 Months Of Its Release To Then Try To Fix My DD Play Record The Next 3 Or 4 Months Again.

iLL Keep Playing Offline Franchise For Now..

Yeah. Keep playing offline franchise.

This is a team building game. We shouldn’t be handicapped.

Imagine Capitalizing Every Word Of A Sentence. Stay offline, DD isn't your thing.

DD isn't for you, online rated is more your speed, or offline franchise, continue enjoying that lol

What's with the capitalization of every word??

Isn't that what Battle Royale, Showdown, and some events do?

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