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What is the best way to do these? Showdowns? March to October?

I did MTO once to complete Nola. It was extremely frustrating, and I had to play almost every postseason game on Legend difficulty. But the game felt very good. also took about 16 hours to finish. Ive completed multiple AL West showdowns to get Shohei and Gallo. Again it is frustrating and takes a bit of coin, but its prolly the easier path. The time commitment required for MTO is kinda absurd.

I’ve been doing the showdowns for the vouchers. After a lot of complaining and bitching, I calmed down and actually got two of them. Moncada and Santana. I did not skip ahead though and I actually think that was best for me. It helped me slow down and be patient!

Do two division showdowns and then the moment. This should give you enough points now that you get 6 vouchers per showdown instead of five.

Loading up a lineup with players from a team I want done and grinding conquest . I don’t have the patience right now to deal with showdown .

The way I see it, there’s three ways to grind TA’s out and which one you prefer depends on your skill and time commitment

  1. Showdown: the absolute fastest path to TA. A lot of people struggle with these and they are stressful, but if you can do them they are the absolute fastest.

  2. MtO: The midway grind. Takes anywhere from 8-12 hours, not very stressful because you can change difficulty at any time. This is the middle point for grinding.

  3. Using full lineups vs CPU. While this is the easiest, most stress free grind, this will take a long time. I think you get something like 81 innings for using a full team in a 9 inning game, so it takes just over three full games for 5 points of TA, and just over 30 full 9 inning games for the TA player. Simple, stress free, but easily the most time consuming method.

I still haven’t done any. I see they keep going through the seasons. I’m a big Tigers fan and I like some Yankees players. So I’ll probably just tackle those two

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