Best SS

Who, bang for your buck, do you think is the best?

Can silver mondesi compete?

I have to say I like the baez card this year. Diamond that’s not that expensive. Heard good things about Rollins. If you’re looking for budget I’d say good Tatis

The diamond TA Tatis is my favorite

Trevor Story

Diamond Mondesi

TA Tatis is a beast, even his gold is pretty good if you’re on a budget. I’ve also used Rollins and Baez and they are both very good. It’s kind of a stacked position this year.

I packed prospect Royce Lewis and have been impressed. Small sample size, but hitting something like. 390 with 4 bombs. Lots of doubles. Has 85 speed and fields his position well.

Locked in the Rangers for Michael Young. I'm loving him.

Lindor is #1 for me

Gleyber has been good to me. And free.

That said, I’d still do the Chapman trade!

playing with bogaerts and he's a good budget card. definitely wanting to go after the FOF gleyber, but I don't have the patience to play showdown that many times just yet, maybe will grind him out this week

Lindor is fantastic

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