Best Shortstop you can purchase for around 35k?

I'm guessing it is Rollins. I actually packed him, but sold him to do the Reds collection. I wanted that Foster. I'm 3 stars from the 1st Inning Boss, so I will have them tonight. Plan to sell, none of them blow me away.

Anyway I will sit at 50k in stubs after that. My SS right now is the gold Chipper, is Rollins a solid upgrade? I think I will buy the diamond King Felix with what I have left. I don't want to touch Showdown right now, I know Correa and Torres are solid options.

So simply I guess, is Rollins a solid option?

You could play March to October with the Padres on HOF to get Tatis Jr, without having to play the showdowns. I think he's the best SS in the game right now.

Trevor Story

Yankees affinity Gleyber is a beast.

Lindor is always solid

I just got Gleyber and he swings one hell of a bat

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