Outfield putouts on sac flies

Has anybody, be honest, actually thrown out anyone on a sac fly yet? Even shallow pop ups and mid to low range speed guys on the bases are tagging up and scoring with ease. Among all the other bugs, like pitching either being down the pipe or 4 feet out but the same exact movement and location going exactly where you want it to on the very next pitch, so user input is just irrelevant it seems, anybody else notice this? Like there’s no point in even trying to gun someone unless you have a 90+ arm and accuracy guy under the ball. It’s very frustrating. But that could be the idea so guys like JD Martinez and other big bats aren’t so valuable.

I have thrown out a couple from the outfield, and from the catcher on steals with the new perfect throw, it has been money! Very rewarding when you hit it perfect.

I would be happy if they just caught the ball at this point.

Nailed dude trying to go home on a sac fly with duke snider earlier than he got me back later on with eddie rosario

I had a throw in time but WAY off target, so no, not yet. Maybe when Jay Buhner takes RF for me.

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