Late Night League of 2020

• Own MLB The Show 20?
• Can You Commit to At Least (2) Games Per Week?
• Married w/ Children & Can Only Play Late Nights While Your Family

IF you answered yes to all of the aforementioned questions, then The Late Night League is for you. We're a FREE Simulation/Recreational league in our 12th season and I have a core of 13 returning members to fill out our league of 16 teams. A quick synopsis of our league settings are below:

• Hit/Pitch/Field Difficulty: ALL-STAR
• Strike Zone & Guess Pitch: OFF
• Hot Zones: PREVIEW
• Balks & Trades: ON

Our season will start AFTER "Supposed" Opening Day 2020 Rosters have been released for download. If interested to tryout for the remaining 3 spots, reply below or send your Friend Request via PSN to AGStros.


I’m interested

Do I need to have kids?

@IIJACKINTHBOXII said in Late Night League of 2020:

Do I need to have kids?

Well, it's a preference more than a stipulation. I've found men mature enough to participate in a league drama free tend to be the types that have kids... just a correlation.

@clayolson1 said in Late Night League of 2020:

I’m interested

Correction on my PSN ID.
AGBandit was my old name.
Send to AGStros


I'n interested I'm night player on every night an can take loses. Cajuntigers psn

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