Offliner: I'm Bored

In the past I played offline almost exclusively (I stopped playing last year very quickly into the game). That said, I have played online this year more than ever and it just feels like a grind. They have done almost nothing to make this game more enjoyable for offliners. People have suggested an offline version of ranked seasons where you play against the CPU on harder and harder difficulties as a way to make this fun of offliners but instead we got showdown...

I'm beginning to realize that the people who say DD is meant for online play are right.

Join the club! They don't give a [censored] about offline players. There is no way I am pre ordering next year. I think I will just buy it used. I keep buying the digital deluxe edition hoping I can us my DD team for more than just conquest and I get disappointed every year. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! No more for me thanks.

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