Hey SDS i have been playing your games since 06 the show amd have enjoyed them and got into online play starting in mlb the show 16. These last two games before 20 have been the only 2 i have been dissapointed with and really enjoyed 20 coming into launch but since the last patch that was put out the game has been very fruatrating to play. The hitting went from the best you ever had to being very unconsitent like last years game and the pitching seems to have gotten a lot harder to locate since previous years. The defense has been very glitchy as well like last year where fielders wont lock onto balls amd keep running. Ive had it happen to me twice now where a runner scored on an inside the park HR bcuz I had no control over my fielder and it wpuld not let me change fielders. If you could please work on touching up fielding it would be greatly appreciated and if you could bring the hitting back to how it was when it launched it would be much appreciated. Perfect perfect hits were falling in front of fielders at launch and I'm not seeing that anymore simce the last patch. Also their has been a lot of balls that have been in tge middle of the pci maybe not 100%centered but fairly on point and it has only generated ok contact. As far as pitching goes honestly I would say I would rather deal with it being harder to locate but would like if you could make it where all pitches that touch the black are counted as a strike. And a few every now n then that are close to the black to be counted as a strike as well to try n balance out the hitting making it for a good balance so your opponent has to deffend on pitches that are close. You all have done a fantastic job with content and I feel this mlb has a huge potential to be your best one just need to make the tweaks then let it ride out from there. Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day.

Also was playing at the nationals park and had a ground ball go through the wall in the rf bullpen where the door is located

Pitches should go where your aiming if you get a perfect release, I mean, that’s literally what it says....PERFECT. But nope, it’ll hang over the middle so opponents can hit it better.

Goodbye user input.

gameplay has been bad since launch and i know you guys can fix it just please i cant play my friends i freeze hitting is easy most of the times 98 mph looks like 705 mph like come on

Guys, they will never listen to us. Didn’t you see that video with Ramon making fun of the everyone who voices an opinion and providing feedback? To them, feedback is nothing but whiny complaints while they continue to milk us for all our stubs in rigged modes like Showdown.

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