Kontrol Freaks

I’ve heard they’re useful. Any suggestions on ones to get, I’ve seen a ton of them on Amazon.

I just got my Galaxy’s last week. They take a little getting used to but I like them

I use the CQC’s and they’ve helped me a lot.

I've used them for two years and like them. However, this year with the hitting and pitching engines, I've actually been more successful without them.

If you're curious, I've used the galaxy (concave) and the battle royale nightfall (convex). Overall, you want to find what you like more between concave/convex and then what height stick you like. The battle royale ones are the same height, the galaxy have a tall and short (tall for hitting stick, short for pitching).

I use white Galaxy's, high rise on left stick mid on right. I find them a necessity now...

Those are for shooting games not mlb the show 🤡

@e_tough said in Kontrol Freaks:

Those are for shooting games not mlb the show 🤡

The amount you use the sticks in this game, they’re pretty useful.

I switch between blue omni, cqc and purple galaxy. If you have problems with moving the stick too far I recommend control rings. They go under the stick and really help accuracy inside the strike zone.

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