The cost to play the game is higher than ever and so many bugs that it's almost unplayable.

You would think that after as many years as this games been out that there wouldn't that much different from year to year as far as gameplay and bugs. It's absolutely trash right now. Try fielding a simple pop up and the fielder will not recognize it and it drops in. Catch a runner trying to stealing between 1st and 2nd, the runner is in a run down and the 1st baseman won't budge off the bag and just lobs the throw to 2nd if the runner heads back that way. 2nd to 3rd steal with a fast runner, pitcher throws it back to the 2nd baseman who was holding the runner and no chance to get the runner he gets 3rd. Fastballs are way to fast compared to an 80mph pitch. the timing is not even close to be realistic (80mph pitch you have to wait forever to swing 100mph and it's more like the timing for a 120mph pitch).

How could so many basic parts of the game that a month ago on mlb2019 were working good are so bad off now that it's time to just forget about the game for a couple months until they fix all the bugs. I don't even want to go on about all the perfect line drives that are perfect everything and right to the defenders glove. I'm done for awhile until they get it somewhat fun to play.

See you tomorrow.

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