FOTF Ohtani or Gallo?

Just finished the AL West showdown for the first time and I'm torn between going after Gallo or Ohtani. Any thoughts?
I'm using gold Judge in RF right now so Gallo would be an upgrade, but his low vision scares me for upper tier online play.
Ohtani seems like he has a good pitch mix and his hitting against righties is just a bonus.

Gallo is a cheat code, you won’t regret it

If you can control ohtani he’s disgusting

@Hikes83 said in FOTF Ohtani or Gallo?:

Gallo is a cheat code, you won’t regret it

My plan is to get Gallo for Left, with Acuna in Center and Judge is right. Really wanna have three cannons in the outfield. If you’re referring to gold Judge, it would be an upgrade. If you mean diamond Judge, I’d say it’s close to even, but not quite.

Edit: meant to reply to OP.

why not both?

@Perkosaurus13 said in FOTF Ohtani or Gallo?:

why not both?

Well both is definitely the plan, but I won't be getting them simultaneously. Looking for advice on who to get first.

Ohtani you’ll use once every three games. Gallo you’ll use every game

Gallo for sure

I've got Gallo, i swear everytime he makes contact he goes deep

Get both guys

Its a matter of opinion based on whether you would rather have an amazing hitter or an amazing pitcher. Some people can rock a mediocre lineup and a stellar pitching staff and do much better that way, and some people can get away with a mediocre pitching staff but feel it is necessary to have a powerhouse lineup so honestly its your opinion based on whether a batter or a pitcher is more valuable. Because both of them are amazing.

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