Not giving up yet but...

The hitting seems to be going in waves. It’s almost like it’s fluctuating. Which could just be ranked seasons but it seems like more. However, I really hope the fix the outfielders in the next patch too. The outfielders not even moving when the ball is hit is getting annoying. I understand reaction time ratings but that’s a little extreme. And the hitting dynamic...walker Bueller throwing a 98 mph fastball in the top right corner to Wilson Contreras and him pulling it like a rocket over the left field wall just defies physics. At least make it oppo so it’s easier to swallow. That’s my input. Come on patch guys!

Why should the batter hit the ball the opposite way if he swings early? Maybe it should be more difficult to be early on a 98 MPH pitch up and in but if the batter is early on the pitch, it would be physics defying for the batter NOT to pull the ball.

No it was up and out. Top right if you’re pitching.

@PaullyG24 said in Not giving up yet but...:

No it was up and out. Top right if you’re pitching.

Oh you mean high away from the batter. Yes, for sure I agree with you that it should be near impossible to hit a fastball high away and pull it for a home run.

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