I played a few games today and the hitting atrocities felt their worst

Whatever is going on with hitting, it felt very bad today, more so than lately. Last week I’d average about 6 perfect perfects per game. I got 5 today and only 2 were hits. Late okay grand slam to lose my last game and my controller nearly got smashed through the floor. The point is, when that dark yellow circle is on the ball, it should at the very least be good contact. If the ball is right I’m the middle, it should be good contact. It was good contact last week. Also noticed the pci lagging at times but that could be unrelated. The point is, it’s very frustrating seeing balls called good okay that were good good base hits last week. Had I gotten Craig biggio at launch I’d probably already have his prime card, but I believe this hitting issue has made things like that a bit more difficult

Late/Okay Grand Slam....chalk up another W for little Billy!!!

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