Ball-tracking/Lighting of stadiums

I just started a March to October with the Yankees (I am not fan, just need some Legendary hitting difficulty practice). The season starts off against Baltimore -- to get to the point, its difficult to track the pitch during a day game in Baltimore. The backdrop is too bright. I have adjusted my TV, it does not matter, the contrast between the ball and backdrop aren't too far apart. It is not the only stadium with this issue. Any suggestions and/or is this something that needs to be fixed?

I know exactly what you're talking about. It was a pain for the first few innings. You can't even see the ball because of the sunlight. It goes away after a couple innings, but I agree it definitely needs a tweak.

Same thing at the Twins park at 7 PM. Blinded by the light.

Blown out white levels... completely out of whack. Intermittent cloud cover would help here and there but made hitting even on All-Star very difficult.

I agree. Starting last year, the shadows and lighting really were an issue, to me.

I'm noticing this more and more every day. They need to fix the lighting/contrast big time.

I get that these stadiums might have similar shadows during those times, but in real life you have the advantage of three dimensions and perspective. Playing on a TV screen, all you see is white on white. I appreciate the effort to try and get realistic looking, but this is another one of those things that just doesn't work in a video game. There are some things that work in real life that you just can't/shouldn't replicate in a video game.

@bhall09 said in Ball-tracking/Lighting of stadiums:

I agree. Starting last year, the shadows and lighting really were an issue, to me.

Well everyone wants the show as authentic as possible to baseball but still a video game..I've been to hundred of games. Been to hundreds of Yankee games..Watched on TV plenty. Why you.think old Yankee stadium had the blacked out stands in center?? Shadows if afternoon games has been even written about. They wear eye black as well. Now we kill SDS for nailing the little details as well..Little but authentic..JS

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