Brooks Robinson

Just hit 40 wins in the event. Is it even worth the grind to 70 for brooks robinson?

Not worth it the way I see it
Look at it this way... hours it takes to get 70 wins vs. your hourly wage buying stubs to buy the card. Minus the fun you're not having if your making this post.

If you want the card you're saving personal time buying it, but perhaps losing the satisfaction of earning the card.

As far as how the card plays... (based just off numbers since I haven't played with him) he's a good defender and a so-so bat. He'll also likely get a better card.

70 wins for that card seems completely ridiculous. That card is most likely obsolete very quickly. However, that card is going to be worth a fortune in 3-4 months because there will be so few of them

OK thanks for the input.

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