I am putting a MLB The Show 20 league together for PS4 only that will start on possibly 04/01/2020 (We will wait to begin with the Opening Day Rosters).

  • The teams will be given by where you currently lived or a team closest to where you live to prevent guys from only taking the top teams. (No Exceptions!)

  • This league will be active, but a more relaxed setting our owners will be playing anywhere between 3 to 5 games a week (We will be following a league schedule I have put together so we have a variety of start times and not 7 games at home).

  • I am looking for mature adults 30 years or older only who play this game realistically.

I am 49 years old and looking for other older gamers who want to be in a simulation style MLB League with other older guys like myself who are all about FAIR-PLAY and not all about WIN AT ALL COST.

  • I have a set of mandatory rules everyone must follow each game that we have been using since MLB 2K7.

"I am real big on common courtesy and sportsmanship"

League Settings:

April 1, 2020


Atmosphere: Relaxed

Membership: Invite Only

Teams: 30

Postseason Teams: 8

Innings: 9

Games Per Series: 7

Games Per Postseason Round: Best of 5

World Series Games: Best of 7

Designated Hitter: ON

Total Games: 203

Schedule Type: Series [Manual]

Minimum Player Skill Level: Rookie

Maximum Player Skill Level: Legend

Trades: On (This will only be used by Commissioner to update rosters)

Game Settings:

Batting Difficulty: All Star

Pitching Difficulty: All Star

Guess Pitch: Off

Quick Counts: Off

Balks: Off

Umpire Accuracy: Off

Umpire Close Plays: ON

Strike Zone: Off

Hot Zones: Off

Ejections: On

Broadcast Theme Style: THE SHOW THEME

5 Man Pitching Rotations

26 Man Active Roster

40 Man Rosters:

Triple A Rosters

Hitting: Directional

Pitching: Classic

League Sliders: (Sliders will be tested for 15 days to offer the most realistic game play)

2020 Major League Baseball Schedule

You Must Be The Age Of 30 or Older

You Must Have your PS4 Hard Wired (Preferred if possible)

You Must Play With A Headset

You Must Use All Settings Set By The Commissioner

You Must Use YouTube To Stream Your Games And Not Twitch

If your wanting to be a part of MLB ON FOX LEAGUE you can message me here using the correct format.




In MLB ON FOX teams are assigned by using this MAP (above) and where the new owner is currently living. If a owner lives in a location that does not have a team the next closest team will be given to them. If your city's team is already taken then the next closest team will be given to you.

MLB ON FOX: Team Owner List 2020 [Updated as of 03/19/2020]


American League East


Baltimore Orioles: Taken

Boston Red Sox: Taken

New York Yankees: Taken

Tampa Bay Rays:

Toronto Blue Jays:


American League Central


Cleveland Indians: Taken

Chicago White Sox: Taken

Detroit Tigers: Taken

Kansas City Royals:

Minnesota Twins:


American League West


Los Angeles Angels: Taken

Houston Astros: Commissioners Team

Oakland Athletics: Taken

Seattle Mariners:

Texas Rangers: Taken


National League East


Atlanta Braves:

Miami Marlins:

New York Mets:Taken

Philadelphia Phillies: Taken

Washington Nationals:


National League Central


Chicago Cubs: Taken

Cincinnati Reds:

Milwaukee Brewers: Taken

Pittsburgh Pirates:

St. Louis Cardinals: Taken


National League West


Arizona Diamondbacks:

Colorado Rockies: Taken

Los Angeles Dodgers:

San Diego Padres: Taken

San Francisco Giants:Taken


Waiting List:


If your interested in this then fasted way to join is by a league application here.

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