Analog Pitching Issues (Lag?)

So been on analog since the start. In offline modes I have no issues but online the analog goes nowhere near where I want it to go on the flick up. Not sure if it’s network or if it’s server lag or slider settings by SDS but it’s extremely frustrating. Have good upload and download speed.

Anyone else have these issues or know if it’s been addressed by SDS?

lag might have something to do with it,but the issue is present in conquest and moments too. I have been using analog pitching since 2014 and can locate with my eyes closed, but while pitches going elsewhere on good release is harder to notice against cpu, it does happen and frequently

the same thing happens to me in offline modes too, yesterday happened to me at MTO, online and offline pure analog the direction of the ball feels random, added to the problem you mention about the lag

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