Is 90 Walter Johnson a useless card online?

I'm not that happy that my reward for completing the AL Central is this card it doesn't look good. But I haven't used it except once in BR and got absolutely rocked. Is this just a really bad card? Windup is terrible to.

Yes, terrible card. H/9 and windup suck.

wait until you see the NL East reward card, and it's 60 contact against righties

He’s been good for me. Probably just a fluke though. I struggled with him last year.

I've been slightly underwhelmed by most of the team and division reward cards. Alomar for the O's is nice, but the slowest version of Alomar we've seen pretty much. Giambi card for the Yankees looks good. Victarino from Red Sox hasn't lived up to what I was hoping offensively. Those are just some that stand out.

There are team rewards that are better than the division rewards.

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