26 Man Rosters

I don't recall reading or hearing anything during streams, but did the Devs address why we don't get 26 man rosters in DD? With the new rule that we have to pitch to 3 batters minimum, I've felt like it could make a big difference.

Having an extra reliever would allow me to be comfortable if I had to possibly burn two relievers in an inning to get the right matchup. It would also help if we had a long game and burned up our pen.

On the flip side, having the extra bat on the bench throws out another platoon option, speed or defense only guy, or maybe adding another catcher if you don't like carrying two with only a five man bench.

Anyone hear an actual reason on this?

Along with still not having DH, they really pick and choose which rules/policies to have in the game

They’ve talked about the DH though. Feel like nothing has been said about this. It’d make them more money because people are going to buy an extra card.

Yes! I’m still wondering if and maybe... just maybe...when we might see that extra roster spot in DD. Oh well maybe next year they’ll add it

At this point I'm guessing we aren't getting it. It would make no sense why it wasn't at launch, but is there now. There's no reason to add the other new rules though if we aren't adding all of them.

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