Ruth or Honus

I have 450k in stubbs right now. Should I bite the bullet and buy Babe Ruth (current outfield - Griffey Jr, Mays, Belli/Ichiro) or use it to finish the grind towards Honus (I'm about halfway on all the collections), my current SS is Barry Larkin.

as someone who has both, I personally would go Babe. The reason is, it's so late in the game cycle, and if you know you probably wont make WS before 20 comes out, just buy Babe and you can use him now. Platoon him in LF and then switch him out for ichiro for defense (i play Cody at 1B).
Honus is a great leadoff or 7,8 hole hitter, but Babes bat is unreal. 125 on everything with the bat. his defense isnt that bad, unless you get something sharp and can't catch up to it. He's only dropped one ball for me.

Babe is awesome.

Babe rakes and plays pretty good defense

Obviously babe is great, but the bigger upgrade would be Honus over Larkin.

I use both cards in my lineup, both of them rake. Usually in the 8th,9th depending if I have a lead and where I’m at in the batting order I’d sub ichiro in for defense over babe.

For your team I would go honus over Larkin. You will see a major improvement from the SS.

Can’t go wrong either way

i really love both cards so much enjoy mate

your OF is pretty much end game. honus is so much better than larkin in every way IMO. I'd go honus if you have the time to collect everything

I appreciate all the input. I feel SS is where I lack the most on my team. It's also my worst ba at .289. However, Larkin was my idol growing up and its just hard not to have him on my team lol! I finally let Brandon Phillips go and that was my adult favorite player lol

Right now OF is - Griffey Jr/Mays/Belli-Ichiro
IF is - 3rd-Bregman (just replaced Arenado), SS - Larkin, 2nd - Robinson, 1st - Pujols, C - Bench (he is Mr Clutch for me)

I think 3rd and SS are my weak spots. Ruth is just a powerhouse though.

Honus and it’s not close. Honus is light years ahead of other options. Additionally, he impacts the game in every facet. A true 5 tool guy.

Ruth is a beast at the plate but his defense is weak, he is slow and not a great arm. Plus Williams is almost a carbon copy. There are a few OF that can make you forget about Ruth

Honus and buy ted Williams for LF. Williams rakes.

Go for WS and get both!

Edit - Just read you wont have time...

Honus with that OF you already have then.

Yea Honus would be more helpful to your team overall, not to mention you get 50k+ stubs for getting Honus so with that and being able to quick sell any cards that you collected and won't use, you won't be all that far back from getting babe also. Babe is a great player especially hitting wise, but honus is a great hitter too and he adds the speed to it. Plus, Griffey, Belli and Mays hit just as many homers for me as babe does, so you're gonna have a small margin of upgrade on offense with him for a downgrade on defense. If I didn't make WS I wouldn't have spent the stubs to have babe haha.

Seriously, thank you all. I have been grinding out the team affinities to get all the post season/breakout/rookie/all star players I can. A lot of buying 74s for 25 a piece.

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