My FOTF Joey Gallo has a hole in his bat

He’s hitting .093 on my squad... I’m by no means a top player but Im not bad either. My next lowest average is Granderson at .239... anyone else really struggle with gallo? I know his contact is miserable but I feel like he’s swinging his bat underwater

I don’t have him by I’ve struck him out a bunch. I don’t fear him like last year at all. I think the guys with very good pci placement are the ones to be feared with Joey.

He's amazing but maybe that's just me, put the bat on the ball and it's gone

I played the Cubs vs CPU on Legend yesterday, to complete the Kerry Wood program. You'd assume he wouldn't be that great with that contact and vision on Legend, right? It doesn't matter. He went 2 for 4 with 2 tanks and 4 RBI, lined out the other 2 at bats with 110+mph exit velo.

That’s weird. Both Grandy and Gallo are destroying the ball for me. They’re probably my best hitters next to Eddie

Pretty sure mine is hitting closer to .930 than .093

You must've gotten a defective one

Yeah, id report a bug. Mine is batting .487 with 9 HRs in 40 PA online.

Those who with great PCI placement ability will do well with any card including those with very low vision . Mortals like me? Not so much.

This is a major reason why I am hesitant to do his affinity card.

You are probably a player like me who needs higher vision cards.

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