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I messaged SDS months ago about the game and no reply . Someone here help me understand this game in general . I’m 625-525 . That’s my diamond dynasty ranked record . I’ve spent all 1100 online games trying to understand what the game wants you to do in order to win . I see some people say some games seem scripted . EVERY game seems scripted whether I win or lose ... honestly I make a LOT of people quit .. but if it goes full 9 innings , expect drama always . I have a great team , no matter who I have I go from on fire to slumping bad instantly . I’ve made World Series 4 or 5 times so i feel like I’m good at the [censored] game ... even when I win it’s scripted ... can someone break down this game in general or else I’m not gonna get mlb 20 I keep breaking my controllers good / squared up line outs on pitches down the middle but I’m losing to guys swinging very late on chase pitches wtf ??


Okay, I'm not going to troll this post, but give my sincere two cents.

It is a fact that the amount of RNG in the game has increased incrementally from MLB 15 onwards. The best we can do is try to limit and combat it to the best of our abilities.

I'm guessing you are already doing everything right on the setting-side with using strike zone, pure analog and button accuracy?

As stated by multiple members on this site, and with which I've never disagreed when it comes to this, pitcher confidence has seemingly been overemphasized this year. The best you can do with this is build pitch confidence early on by getting swings and misses and by getting batters to look at strikes. Use your mound visits carefully and always have two relievers ready.

Otherwise, expect some weird stuff to occur so it doesn't upset you as much. There will be bloop hits, diamond fielders will make fielding errors, there will be homeruns on okay or worse contact and with seemingly any timing possible. You will hang pitches and leave pitches in the middle on perfect input regardless of what the pitcher's confidence and the individual pitch confidence is, even with the best of pitchers. That is how the game is this year.

Get as many good/squared ball[s] as you can and try to take the at-bats as deep into the count as you can.


The problem ... is that I’m doing this and am currently on an epic losing streak . I might have 5 consecutive games where I’m squaring up EVERYTHING no joke . Win or lose I only get hits when the game says so ... troll me all you want maybe that’s what I need but I’m seriously tryna understand I just wanna be in control of whether I win or lose the title says help because I’m doing everything right but as you see I got 500 losses and I’ve never seen the ball better than I am now


It's the lack of consistency that is a problem. same pitch type in similar location similar pci placement, but sometimes it will be a fly ball sometime an infield liner sometime an of liner sometime a ground ball( those are the most irritating- a dead center of pci labelled good/ squared up in the middle row of zone( mid in,mid mid mid away) and it's a 92- 105 mph grounded that one hops the 2b or ss. even the exit velo is inconsistent.
best thing to do is to pay attention to which part of zone you get best success on and leave the rest go even if a hanger down the middle.
picking which pitches and locations to swing is always the most important but this year it's almost insane.


Baseball is my favorite sport but I’m not enjoying it just makes me very mad I throw [censored] because I don’t get it not because I lose it’s confusing even when I win I love baseball but I might have to pass on mlb20 if it’s anything like 19 . If all that extra PCI placement details etc seriously makes that much of a difference then the game isn’t for me

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