Prospects getting traded

Surprised I don't see a thread here. But when you get into April in franchise, CPU teams start trading prospects all over the place. And most of the trades are nonsensical.

The Royals traded Bobby Witt Jr. - the third-rated prospect in the game - for a D-potential outfielder.

This is with the current SCEA roster. Hopefully they address it with tomorrow's patch and/or roster update.

Yah I've noticed this in RTTS too. Just started franchise with the Rangers, and the Yankees offered me Clint Frazier for Todd Frazier. Absolutely bananas. The trade logic needs work. BAD.

I think I have seen some people either here or on the OS forums refer to it as "roster balance"... teams have a ton of prospects at one position and few at another.... so once the season starts they try to correct themselves. Not sure if there is any way to stop it though I think someone said manual CPU roster control will take care of it.

set cpu trades to off when start franchise, and set slider to empty on trade frequency for franchise and rtts. cpu is like this every year .

I balanced my roster and I'm still seeing them - although not to the same degree as before. There has to be a bug somewhere in the trade logic. I submitted another bug report.

Until it is fixed, I would turn down the Trade slider to Zero.

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