80+ Power No Longer Guarantees a HR with Perfect Flyball

It’s not in the patch notes, but it has now happenened to me twice (Eloy and Granderson both vs righties). Seems this should have been something they pointed out.

Did it happen today? I'm wondering because they increased exit velos in their last patch

It just happened now. Hours after the patch has been out.

I had a perfect/perfect flyball with 92 Giambi and it was caught on the track

Disclaimer: my Giambi fly out happened yesterday. Haven’t gotten a chance to play it today.

Got any video? Not saying I don't believe you bud I'd like to see it anyway.

It wasn’t guaranteed before the patch either. A couple days after 1.04 I Hit a perfect fly ball with Gallo and it died before the warning track. Hit another with diamond Gary Sanchez and it made it to the warning track.

Perfect perfect is the hardest a player can hit the ball. Over 80 power has a better chance of a hit or homerun, but it isn’t a guarantee.

I hit one just a tad left of dead center in Polo Grounds today with Salvador Perez against a LHP. I figured the only way it got out was because of the 80+ and Perfect Flyball.

Why do I feel like they never guaranteed that, didn't they say from the beta that players who got perfect perfect batted with an .800 average

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