The pitching. Again.


One thing I've noticed over the past iteration or two of RTTS, is that when I first get to an MLB team, and I have a power archetype, the pitching staff develops a tendency can I put this delicately...defecate upon the sleeping apparatus.

So, my new character gets a quick call-up to Detroit. He was an All-Star in Erie, and with the Motor City Kitties two dozen games back heading into the trade deadline, my guy got a look.

I found out very quickly why they're stinking up the joint. We're at home, Texas is in town, we're carrying a 3-1 lead into the 8th. The Rangers put up TEN RUNS in the 8th, and 11-3 was the final. How bad was the pitching? Two consecutive guys out of the pen give up four runs each, without getting a single out. One of them gave up back-to-back, bases-loaded walks.

I wonder if there was a bus heading for Toledo after that game, because I'd imagine those two pitchers would have been under it.

I get that a team that's playing so badly that it's calling up an 18-year-old straight from Double-A is going to have a few issues. But ten runs in one inning? Yikes! 😨


Yeah, my guy is a Pure Power hitter who also got drafted by Detroit. Absolutely dominated in AA and got called up to Detroit so fast that I never even got a call from my agent.

He's been the Batting Champion for 3 years running (and would have won in his first year if he had the prerequisite ABs). But none of his production at the plate matters because for every 2-3 runs he produces per game, the pitching staff gives up three times that. So we end up with games where we lose 13-4 where my guy was responsible for 3 quarters of their offense.

The worst was when we went from winning like 5-0 and then lost 20-5 in the late innings. That was a real WTF.

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