Online Franchise in 20?

Hey, @Victor_SDS will we have online franchise in MLB 20? Thank you

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Hey, @Victor_SDS will we have online franchise in MLB 20? Thank you

I second this question. This is a huge deciding factor for me if I will get this years game or skip out on it.

I hope you guys do online franchise. These. Year if not it’s going to be another year of me not buying these game 😕

Not buying if no online franchise

Needs to happen

I think it would be a huge dissapoint if they were the only sports game not to have online franchise this year.. It's been 2 years in a row without the mode and this game makes tons of money being the only true baseball option..

Please sds bring it back!!

Online franchise was the mode that kept me and my friends playing. Now most of us don't even get the game now. Which is sad because it's one of the best sports games around. We just never have been into Diamond Dynasty or regular franchise. We always loved to play together.

Same here. It's the best show experience.

I played online franchise in 15 and 16 for the full game cycles. Our league fell apart in 17 because of some of the issues so I started playing DD about halfway through the game cycle and enjoyed it. Although 18 wasn't a great game, playing DD got old by mid-November and I quit playing the game completely in December. This year I've played DD and enjoyed it more because it's a better game than 18, but I'm done with it and it's been stale for the past month.
Content for DD isn't the issue. There's plenty of that. It's the way the game plays so randomly online with the changing settings, random connection quality for opponents and for the most part having no real progression. Yes, we get new players all the time, but there's no reason to use lower end or younger players. My favorite thing in DD was building a farm system in year one by trading away my better players and then slowly building my team back with key FA I wanted or even other players that fit my team style better. Doing this offline is boring and stale considering the mode hasn't been changed in nearly 4 years or more.

Online franchise has gotta be a priority. The Show is the best sports game but it’s the only game right now which does not have an online franchise mode. NBA 2k absolutely slays the Show in this area even the the Show is a much better game. It really can’t be that hard to put this mode together if 2k can nail it. Please SDS, please make this happen.

I hope the online franchise fans get what they want but I will not be holding my breath.

I believe it was listed on one of the screens for a live stream - online franchise.

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I believe it was listed on one of the screens for a live stream - online franchise.

Not True at all.

As much as I hope it's full franchise, I fear that it's not. The next Live stream schedule states - "New Custom Leagues, competitive events and Legend reveal in this developer live stream! Simple and flexible leagues with your friends...".

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