Road to the show.

Can we get added to where you watch an interview where they have you on sport center and talk about your highlight day and where you have bad games and just have like a rtts that’s like comes to life. Also when you get to the big leagues have it to where you gotta do good or you will be sent down again if you do poor.

can we have the option to bring back training points or to have a faster way of improving overall - playing every game gets a little boring after a while as that is the only way to get better post rtts 17

In RTTS can we please build on the story mode which made NBA 2k so big. Attribute tree is a nice factor building your player but I want more story.

That would be nice, but more than anything, I want the forced position changes to be removed.

I think all of you guys suggestions should be in road to the show. The sports center segment talking about your rtts player would be cool. It will give us a reason to do good in the season so we can be talked about. Training points too is a good suggestion. It takes way too long to progress your player with the way things are currently. I rather choose where I want my points to be added. Story mode would be cool too but I rather pass on that if they're going to keep giving us dialogue boxes that repeat the same stuff with every player you interact with. Lastly, forced position is annoying so I agree. I also would like to be able to change my position to any position in the season.

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