It's a constant theme in every aspect of the game. You're battling a scripted narrative that you can't win..unless the script is designed that AI doesn't win. Don't know if it's worse this year, but I feel the script vibe (user not really having a vital part of the outcome) more often.

The latest in a long-line. Playing the NL Central Showdown Luis Castillo 12-outs. First 2 guys single and 3rd guy hits a homerun. Ol' Luis was just serving up meatballs that I couldn't not destroy.

Still 12 outs to go and only one run. needed. After 7 good contacts and 3 perfect I don't get another hit much less run.

C'mon programmers, you can do better than that. Need to keep the customer engaged and the only way to do that is make it believable. This version has been far from that.