I played MLB 20 right after MLB 19


Ok here is what I have to say and the differences between the two games:
Believe it or not, I feel that they are still extremely similar and MLB 20 is catching a lot of heat for nothing. The first difference you notice is the presentation (scoreboard, strike zone, etc.), which makes MLB 20 look like a whole new game. Everything was updated to look much newer.

The pitching in mlb 20 actually really isn’t that bad compared to 19. 19 was very similar as far as pitching goes, however I feel like offspeed does hang more in this years game. Fielding I feel could be improved in 20 because i still have infielders not locking into pop ups properly.

I found good pci placement to be more rewarding on 19, with the exception of perfect hits in 20. Do keep in mind however that I basically have an all 99 god squad on 19 and a decent diamond team to start this year. Pitch speeds in ranked did seem a bit slower in 19.. which it could be from difficulty. Overall, I think SDS is very close to making a perfect baseball game and i’m so excited to see what the next generation consoles have to say for it.


You're exactly right. MLB The Show 20 is exactly like MLB The Show 19 and that is the problem. Neither game rewards user input and is instead a game based on random outcomes


This game is trash in its current state. I will never buy this game again I’m my life unless they fix it soon.

I’ve experienced out inputting my by opponents 4 or 5 times the amount of good inputs and just lose because this game is a random pile of trash.

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