Took me a while to see what everyone is talking about.


Holy $h!+ is this terrible. First game pitcher can either throw it right over the middle or 2 feet outside. Still struck him out 13 times.

2nd game, strike him out 17 times and hit so many good/good or better balls I lost count including one to right center with Diamond Olson. Literally flew out to the warning track about 10 times. Hey, the guy did squeeze in the only run of the game. He had more hits off mishits than I did squared up balls. Felt like a complete waste of time hitting. Felt like line-out/fly to the warning track 20.

Anyway, it is what it is. Maybe others are having better luck squaring up balls and actually getting hits. Sure didn't have this problem 2 days ago. Think I hit .200 on good/good better and 2 of those were singles after I was losing. Only like 2 the whole game before that.


I should elaborate here. First loss was on me and I was OK with that one. Not sure why but just couldn't control the pitcher. Either 2 ft out of zone or right over the middle. As soon as I changed (which wasn't soon enough), he did not score again. Immediately sold that pitcher.

2nd game however, was a joke. I probably had a better shot at scoring by not swinging at anything and maybe drawing a walk, putting in a pinch runner and stealing a base, bunt him over and squeeze him in. Evidentally, that would have been a better strategy than good/good or better produced. Heard so many whacks from good swings my ears are hurting.

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