I’m not even a bad player...


...but this game has so many problems. For me, it’s almost unenjoyable.


  • HoF is bad
  • Legend is atrocious
  • PCI is way too small on higher difficulties
  • Hitting feedback is inconsistent (e.g., my most recent game, my opponent’s Pearson threw Trout a fastball on the outer third of the plate; I stayed back on it and centred my PCI up just about perfectly = Good/Okay, 92 exit velocity, groundout)
  • Ball feels dead off the bat even if it’s hit hard
  • Good/Okay fly balls are more effective than Perfect/Perfect grounders
  • High sinkers are broken and appear way faster than their actual velocity
  • Knuckleballs... well you know


  • Good input rarely results in the ball being thrown where it was placed
  • Borderline pitches are rarely called strikes
  • Pitchers with slower fastballs are ineffective
  • Opponents are allowed to check swing too often when their timing is Too Early or Very Early (in my opinion, if you’re that badly fooled, it should be a swing no matter what)
  • Stamina regeneration is broken — you only need three starters; the way players use their fourth and fifth pitchers is unrealistic (e.g., I’ll be losing by a couple runs in the fourth inning and my opponent will bring in a starter to relieve his current starter)


  • Infielders take bad routes to balls which leads to a lot of undeserved infield singles
  • Corner outfielders jog to balls down the line which allows the base runner to take an extra bag
  • Outfielders are slow rounding ground balls which allows the base runner to take an extra bag
  • Lining up perfectly with the blue line doesn’t always make the outfielder run up on the ball; sometimes they just lazily camp under it instead

Sad part is, these flaws are probably just barely scratching the surface.

Edit: I’d be fine with the pitching and fielding issues if the hitting engine wasn’t in such rough shape. That’s what really kills the game for me.


You’re correct!


What’s the point in advertising an amazing game and making people buy it. And then completely change the game not even a week after release date. It’s almost false advertising tbh........ I didn’t pay 100 bucks for some game with the flaws stated above.


I cant believe they haven’t figured this out yet. Been several years of the same issues

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