Fantasy draft league loop hole

It’s a process and easier if you have more people

  1. Fantasy draft offline with rosters (Write team down)
  2. Create a league
  3. Invite friend(s) as each team in league
  4. Kick friend (that team will stay as CPU)
  5. Invite friend back as different team
    Repeat 4 - 5 until all teams are in
  6. Advance to season
  7. Invite friends (you’ll need 2 friends. 1 to send trade and 1 to accept) to teams and trade players to drafted teams
  8. Kick
    Repeat 7 - 8
  9. Invite everyone in league to their drafted team and players.
  10. Force Win CPU games or play them W.e you want

you also can do this in madden but just drop everyone in free agents and pick everyone up THEN start season.
My friends and I love fantasy drafting so I thought I’d share since the biggest problem in leagues IS NO FANTASY DRAFTING.

Ha um...yea ok frig day No thnx

@SizzLa718 said in Fantasy draft league loop hole:

Ha um...yea ok frig day No thnx

What? Lmao

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