Postseason too long for my taste

Alright I did have some fun playing MTO. I realize that it is a 162 game season and I appreciate the simulation of a hand full of games during the regular season. On the other hand I do believe that there should if been simulation of the post season. I I know we start mid game but I feel like they could simulate the middle of some of these series. I don't need to play game 3, 4, or 5 if a 7 game series. Just my though even though I swept every opponent in the LDS and the LCS. I think I will stop and it play the world series because I have the face of franchise Rizzo after winning the LCS. Still I feel like the post season is a little too long I don't need to play every game of the series.

It is long, but wait to finish until Spring Affinity comes out anyways, that way you aren't maxing out your there will be an even great Cubs reward coming i'm sure...

It is long, but you get just as much, if not more, affinity in the postseason.

Playing every game is fine. I wouldn’t like them giving me huge without the option to intervene. I do wish they’d start in 7/8th inning though instead 5/6th. Also don’t like that I’m on fire and momentum meter is spiked with a 3-0 Series lead and I start in 6th down 3....

I'm ok with it as long as they don't start us from behind in every flippin game

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