Your best performing card in DD

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Signature Albert i[censored]ting .467 for me online.
Of my players with more than 100 AB online, 93 Ichiro and SS André Dawson lead the pack with .344 and .306 respectively.. SS Edgar Martinez i[censored]ting .333 with 96 AB.

Good lord man get him off the pod. Should be hitting the ball, not shitting all over it.

Edit: how on earth... is hitting is censored... but not....?

I don’t get it. I couldn’t edit it to say Is Hitting. Oh well. Maybe Schnauzerface can help us out here...

Is. Hitting.

Ted Williams has been an absolute monster on all levels.. before that card though probably Frank Thomas.. I made world series every season besides this recent month because I just didn't play much. I played on all levels and them are the two best hitters I hit with. Now if you want to put defense in the mix I would say Griffey Junior

George Brett is amazing for me and so is Cody I just can’t take them out my lineup

Every 99 overall should be racking lol. Best non 99 for me was Trevor Story.

99... Gwynn. Absolute monster at the dish

A pitching card that just works? Lightning Paxton. Something about that card just gets bad contact

Duke Snider is mine if asked of any card out there. His swing caters to me so well & is a plus being a left handed hitter in the outfield with a 70 speed which give him great range & getting to balls hit faster. Also his card stat attributes that can hold his own against most other SS & Finest cards.

But my best LS card is Jeff McNeil without any doubt. Even when still a Silver, he was a hit machine for me always getting on base. Always could rely on him getting a hit 1 way or an other.

Between trout, griffey, and yelich.

Rafeal devers And Bogaerts

I have Sig. Series 99 ovr Trout and he is definitely THE MAN for me. He is like my Rock of Gibralter!

hornsby is easily my best hitter. I want to play alomar so bad at 2nd being a Jays fan but he just doesnt stop getting hits

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