Todd Helton diamond not doing it for me

Anyone else? He can't get a hit for me and isn't clutch at all.

Not enough pop, lined out too much so I went and got josh bell fotf card

I like him a lot actually.

He’s batting well over .300 for me

He is my best hitter and I have quite a few 95+ players


Card sucks

He doesn't interest me at all but he always seems to hit me well when my opponents have that card.

Stargell is a a beast for me. Helton is a better defender and that doesn’t mean squat at first once again this year

He hit over 300 for me but no pop

i liked max muncy gold over him

Y’all sleeping on Matt Olson FOTF. Diamond bat and glove

He’s so good for me. Batting like .330, hits a homer now and again, lots of doubles.

One if my best card

I use him as a PH, makes contact most every time, but definitely doesn’t have as much power as what’s listed. I thought I was the only one having this issue with him.

I like Helton. But gonna take a long time to get this online stats and there’s other 1B I’d like to use.

Get McCovey, I am not a good hitter but McCovey makes me better. That card Rakes

I’m doing way better with Alonso than I thought I would, just about every mistake pitch that I square up is going deep.

Hes been a singles machine, but i took him out for Stargel/Fotf olsen

I'm having some issues with him, but I suck at hitting.

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