Pitcher Fielding

Is it me or are they all blessed with cat like reflexes?

My pitchers are great at blocking it.. then can never pick it up I run around it like a stooge until guy has a infield single lol

Pitchers Never miss a thing which is absolute BS.......

maybe it's just me, but it seems like while many pitchers seem like gold glovers out there, i do find that they don't make quite as many plays as last year and a few more balls find there way for hits up the middle and/or ricochet off pitchers. it is, however, frustrating when a pitcher makes a ridiculous play and ends up turning a double play to completely kill a rally lol

Just about the only time the pitcher hasn’t made a play against me is when he was drilled in the head with a missile that left my bat with 110 mph exit velocity.

And to be honest, I was surprised when he didn’t immediately recover and throw me out at first. But I guess everyone draws the line somewhere.

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