Can somebody please explain this

Just for reference, I was pitching with FotF Snell (so a LHP) and my opponent was pitching with Cy Young Kluber (RHP)

I have a good/squared up with Granderson and the ball dies on the warning track. Then he gets a perfect liner on a ball below his knees with FotF Soto (70s power) and hits it out. The next inning I get a perfect liner with Reggie Jackson (100+ power) and it dies on the warning track. And it wasn't like a 110mph screamer right at an OF. The ball had a decent launch angle but the CF ran under it and caught it on the way down. How does that work? I'm genuinely asking. Is it just completely arbitrary RNG that you just have to hope you're on the right side of?

And just for kicks he had an "ok" contact HR later in the game. I'm not mad...I still won by a decent amount. But it just seems the outcomes are more random than anything else.

lmfao was this mee???

Wait this was me. lol I remember when your Reggie smashed that i was like how the hell did that die on the track lol

Broooo...I was wondering the same thing haha

What park?

RNG is your answer. No point in trying to make rhyme nor reason out of this thing.

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