Quick rage quits

Yesterday I played 2 ranked seasons games. In the first game, after not doing anything in the first 2 innings against kluber, I hit a double with Todd Helton to score the first run. As the run scored I lost connection with my opponent. In the second game my opponent was actually playing well; being patient and not swinging a Oswalt's pitches below the zone. Then in the fifth inning he muffed a double play which caused the bases to be loaded. Next, Sandberg hit a ball down the left field line... and connection was lost again. This time so quickly that Sandberg's hit didn't even show up in the game log.

Why do people rage quit so quickly? I get it if you get totally outplayed by your opponent and you're down by 6 or so runs. But these were both close games. I don't get it.

They are casual noobs with low confidence, like most casual noobs.

This is the first year that I have actually rage quit a few times, not because I was being out played, but because I am tired of getting beat by THE GAME and not the opponent. The outcome of so many games this year is completely determined by the game it is sickening. Pitches go in a completely different location then where you threw it, and them it gets clobbered for a homer. Fielders missing routine fly balls and bobbling ground balls, then throwing over baseman's heads, etc...... I want to play good games and get beat by the opponent and not by the game.

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