I was the away team getting no-hit by Newhouser with 1 out in the top of the 8th,(Insert garbage can joke here) I put in Alex Bregman to pitch hit, & of course Bregman breaks up the no-no with a bloop hit into center( felt bad for the guy) score was still 0-0 in the the top of the 9th. With 1 out I pinch hit Willie Mays(87)overall and he hit a sweeping curve middle inside (A Perfect-Perfect hit) for a homerun right in the first row right next to the left field foul pole at the 405 mark at Griffith Stadium. Closed it out with Chapman in the 9th for the win, but man the whole time I thought for sure I was going to get no-hit! I have Newhouser’s card it’s great, but that was the first time I’ve faced him, and really don’t want to face him again for a while lol.