Fotf Moncada or Sanatana

I completed the showdown for AL central not sure who to go after. I pulled Nolan Arenado from the pack I got from showdown. Not sure what to do lol

FOTF Moncada is my best hitter.

In the AL Central Twins FOTF Buxton isn’t a bad choice neither. Best defender in center, 99 speed, and not a bad hitter at all. If he doesn’t fit on your team or you already have him then I would go with Santana. That card hits so well for me

Yeah I have Acuna in center, Fotf Soto in left, and evo Cargo in right

Moncada is a beast!

I went moncada because i had a need for 3b if you need a catcher santana can be slotted there so it all depends on team need since you got arenado id advise santana

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