New Look Lineup

Got tired of my old lineup so decided to do some changing around, and as a result I've won 2 games in a row and proceeded to unlock Legend Choice Pack (Sheffield) and Curtis Granderson. I know its not a big deal to most, but still relatively new at this it pumped me up. I can't believe I didn't add Joey Gallo sooner. First game with him in the lineup 2 absolute bombs against diamond Kershaw. Gotta keep on ballin and try to unlock some more diamonds. Just need some more pitching to compete with the big boys.

if you want pitching i'd recommend the FoF snell or ohtani. heat is crucial in this game, and they have gas. if you want bullpen, i'd recommend the kerry wood and amir garrett since they're free and then maybe brad hand or andrew miller. the diamond relievers don't seem like they're worth it quite yet, but the free ones aren't too bad. and next chance you have to get one of the silver legends, get vida blue. he's just filthy as a silver, he's the only silver in my bullpen bc i refuse to ditch him!

Yeah I got the non-diamond Snell and hes pretty good. Yes I added Wood and Garrett also. I love Kerry Wood, but I'm not very good with Garrett. Dude throws heat but I cant get consistancy with him. I'm hoping to add some prospects soon like Pearson ive heard great things about him, but I'm not sure how to get him without buying on the market.

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