Is there no sense of urgency?

Why do outfielders take these extra "unnecessary" steps and "windups" when they're throwing to bases where there are close plays, ultimately making them not close. There's no time to take "Crow" or "bunny" hops when there's a bang-bang play at a base. The user CPU makes these unnecessary animations that take away the close plays, in the favor of the CPU. This has been one of my pet peeves and really turns me off from the game.

Yeah they talked about the changes they made to “defensive urgency” in the streams before this year came out, but I really don’t see it at all. Not a whole lot of urgency going on in clutch situations where players would absolutely never take as long as they do in this game to throw.

I just had Trout catch a line out in center while on the run towards home, I hit perfect on the throwing meter and then he slowly pats his glove a couple times before throwing home, allowing the tying run to score just before the tag. Event game.

That was some "great play" lol

OF animations and lock positions are a disgrace in 2020. It wasn’t as bad in 2019 I believe

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