I feel violated

I just lost in the 9th to a guy that was Ranked Season level 644 and I am 551 and he wins on a 3 run home run down two that hits into middle of the big wall in left at Jacobs Field (Cle). I swear it didnt even come close to an actual homer. You couldnt have reached over the balcony with ur buddy holding ur legs and his buddy holding him with a three foot glove on...could he have caught that. He paused for a minute and I sent the friendly quit getting denied lol. Total ouch! I mean cmon dude you know you got beat. The ball should have been caught but instead Mantle cant come up with it. Crazy!! He is not a 674 and I am 523 or some. Who cam relate? I have been beat up by the flaws early. Please....some one show me some love cause yhe game isnt right now!

they are dropping a patch that fixes fielding issues tonight, but still tough man, on the bright side problem should be fixed with this patch and you can get back to winning

That’s tough

ur just bad...just kidding lol

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