Losing to garbage bunt for hits...

Really makes you not wanna play amymore. How is it I never get successful bunts just to move a runner over (you know, how it's supposed to be done) yet opponent scores 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th off 3 bunt hits with guys like Juan Soto. Dude had no confidence swinging the bat. Generally means I shoulda locked down the save. Nope! Lets just press triangle and trot around to the bases and nothing I can do about it. Absolutely ridiculous.

Ok I'm done ranting.

If he bunted 3 times, you probably should have put it in bunt defense.

Trust me, almost nothing gets the rage flowing more for me than my opponent bunting, but still.

Ya probably. Didnt think it was necessary against big batters with power and no bunt skill. Lesson learned apparently.

I’ve played people who will try to bunt against the shift every time no matter who they have batting.

The year of the cheese

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