FOTF Snell or FOTF Ohtani?

Gonna grind some MTO for one of these two and wanna know everyones opinion.

I got Ohtani first just for the batting.

Ohtani without question

I hate playing against both so you shouldn’t get any lol

I have both in my rotation. Both studs.

Can’t go wrong with either but it feels pretty [censored] good when you have runners in scoring position with first base open and your opponent walks the number 8 hitter forgetting its ohtani on deck. Had that happen a couple times now 😁

Ohtani is filthy but somewhat difficult to control. That batting ability is huge though.
Blake Snell has a very deceptive delivery this year, but his speed differentials aren't as big as Ohtani's plus he doesn't have the batting ability.

I like them both and use both in my rotation but if I had to choose, I'd go with Ohtani.

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