Sometimes I seriously can't figure out how to pitch

Just faxed potm Gary Sanchez. I got him to 0-2 and knew the guy was sitting on fastballs. So I threw him offspeed and EVERY swing he took was "very early" and he would just foul the pitch off. He eventually worked the count full so I threw a high outside fastball to try and get him with the location and he hit it out. Seriously...what do you do there? I feel like my only options were throw offspeed until I walk him or throw a fastball and just hope the RNG was in my favor.

It wasn't haha

This exact situation happens to me all of the time.

That seems to be how the game works right now.

All you can do is hope you have a base open so you don’t have to give in 3-2.

Even then, sometimes your opponent will somehow drive a back foot slider in the dirt.

I don't think the fix is THAT difficult. Either increase the window that results in a swing and miss or make more of those bad swings result in the ball actually being put in play. If you want to he early on a changeup below your knees, just have them hit a weak ground ball more often

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