Can we re-work the "outlier" perk

I just faced Pearson and basically every fastball he threw was 102mph. SDS does know that just because a guy is capable of throwing 102 that it doesn't mean he throws that hard EVERY time, right? hard is it to see that guys are throwing 102mph fifty pitches a game and go "maybe that's not very realistic"

Yeah seriously even the best pitchers lose velocity when they get deeper into games i faced kopech earlier in a ranked season game and dude threw gas for 7 innings

Now how low would you drop his minimum fastball to? Because if he was throwing that fastball anywhere between say 97-102 like real life, thats gonna be possibly harder to hit in this game in my opinion. Fastballs/sinkers are way too fast in this game but I would rather sit on a fastball at 102 than see 98 70% of the pitches then all of a sudden see 102. Obviously its much more realistic, but I personally would have a harder time with that in this game

Apparently you never saw Verlander throw 100 for 8 innings in his prine

@pootiecat said in Can we re-work the "outlier" perk:

Apparently you never saw Verlander throw 100 for 8 innings in his prine

There's always one person that loves to quote the ONE outlier as a reason for EVERYONE else to be able to do it. Yes, Verlander was a freak. But he wasn't throwing 100+ on EVERY fastball. Go back and watch...he got amped up in the 8th and threw hard but he wasn't hitting triple digits on every fastball the entire game.

And secondly, as weird as it seems to say, throwing 100 and throwing 102 are totally different things. There's a whole mess of guys in the majors right now who can hit 100 but not very many that are hitting 102 and NONE that are doing it consistently

I think it should work the opposite way. An outlier is something that does not go with the majority of the data set. So normally he should be throwing like 98 and then when you hit the timing perfectly for your pitch release that’s when you get that extra little boost. Throwing 102 the whole game is not an outlier at that point, that’s just what he throws.

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