Fastest way to get 28 1st inning stars?

Long story short i finally finished the win 10 ranked games and Kerry Wood online strikeouts for 40 stars, i'm now 28 short of the 1000 for a bonus 20 packs.

With 7 hours left what's the fastest way conquest or playing CPU in 9 inning games?

Set up offline home run derby with 8 players. Boring as hell,but you seem to get about 4 stars every time you finish. I'm guessing 4 stars every 20 mins or so.

Collections. Program stars are tied to XP, so any way you can get XP will be a route to quick stars.

Or grind the hell out of ranked. You will get 2-4 stars depending on how quickly your opponent quits after being down 1-0.

I need 50 to get to 1000. I dont see it happening by 3pm today. I have the 7 card collection for 75, I just haven't locked them in for it yet.

Thanks everyone i guess i'll just grind some conquest and finish my SS's 150 hits if i'm not done with 2 hours to go i'll try some HR derby i suppose

If you do enough team affinities, you can pick up 9 gold prospects (prospects drop at 25 points for each team) to go along with the Tim Tebow from the starter conquest map and get 20 more stars

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