I havent got any of these fielding bugs everyone is on about.

Ive played just under 30 RS games, 20 event games, lots of showdown. My outfielder has locked onto every ball. I have however gotten okay contact then good contact on the same exact PCI placement.

Unless it was fixed today. Keep playing it’ll happen lol. I’ve played about the same amount of ranked but about 170 event games but it happens both ways I’ve benefited

It happens. Not as much as everyone here goes on about, but it definitely happens.

Got it today again post patch, so don't hold your breath for a fix this year.

I've played about 60 games. I've had one egregious fielding error akin to what people say. Jose Ramirez ran under a pop fly and it just dropped and he didn't do anything to catch it. Other than that, a few grounders that deflect off my fielders, but that's to be expected and a lot of the time can be recovered from.

There's a lot of hyperbole going on around these forums.

I had Granderson get hit in the chest with a routine fly, last night I had Kiermaier running over a dead ball in the outfield and failing to pick it up, and a few times I've had guys on route to a ball and not lock on. But it's not all the time every game.

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